Chess Backgammon Monopoly Light Switch Outlet Rocker Wall Cover Plate Home decor

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More about this item

Chess Backgammon Monopoly

 Wall Cover Plate Home decor

You can pick Toggle, 

Rocker, Outlet

You can choices for:

Single Blank Cover plate

Double Blank Cover plate

Single Toggle light switch plate

Double Toggle light switch plate

Triple Toggle light switch plate

4 Gang Toggle switch plate

5 Gang Toggle switch plate

Single Rocker plate

Double Rocker plate

Triple Rocker plate

4 Gang Rocker plate

5 Gang Rocker plate

Single Circle power outlet plate

Horizontal Outlet duplex Single plate

Toggle(L)-Rocker(R) plate

Rocker(L)-Toggle(R) plate

Toggle(L)-Outlet(R) plate

Outlet(L)-Toggle(R) plate

Rocker(L)-Outlet(R) plate

Outlet(L)-Rocker(R) plate

Power Outlet Duplex Single plate

Power Outlet Duplex Double plate

Toggle(L)-Blank(R) plate

Rocker(L)-Blank(R) plate

Toggle(L)-Blank(R) plate

Blank(L)-Toggle(R) plate

Blank(L)-Outlet(R) plate

Blank(L)-Rocker(R) plate

2 x Toggle(L)-Outlet(R) plate

Outlet(L)-2 x Toggle(R) plate

2 x Toggle(L)-Rocker(R) plate

Rocker(L)-2 x Toggle(R) plate

3 x Toggle(L)-Outlet(R) plate

Outlet(L)-3 x Toggle(R) plate

3 x Toggle(L)-Rocker(R) plate

Rocker(L)-3 x Toggle(R) plate

Phone Jack Single (Build in RJ-11 phone jack)

Single circle port plate

Single Keystone jack plate

2 Gang Keystone jack plate

3 Gang Keystone jack plate

4 Gang Keystone jack plate

6 Gang Keystone jack plate

Any other style cover plate you need but not in my list, just send me a message to contact me.

And also we do put YOUR NAME or MESSAGE on cover plate, Just add $3.00

Cover plate size:                                                              

Single cover plate 4.5" H x 2.75" W                                                          

Double gang cover plate 4.5" H x 4.5" W                                                               

Triple gang cover plate 4.5" H x 6.4" W                                                   

4 gang Rocker / Toggle cover plate 4.5" H x 8.25" W                                                         

5 gang Rocker / Toggle cover plate 4.5" H x 10.15" W       

** Any different size or different kinds of cover plate you need but not in my (More Choices) list, please contact me      

Cover plates are created by hand using the art of decoupage.

All covers are coated to ensure better life expectancy & High Gloss.

All our cover plate are UL Certified

Cover plate material: plastic

They are washable with a damp towel or rag.

All screws are included (not colored).

Custom made in USA

Free shipping to all USA shipping address

Request a



and have something made just for you ?

How to order your Special Custom Made ( just for you) cover plate ?

#1. Contact me on my page

#2. send me your photo / picture or your design 

#3. I will send you image and price to your message

#4. You confirmed it

#5. I will 

create new item on my store then send you your custom made item number
#6. you click in buy it now and pay it
#7. I custom made in 24 hours and ship it out