Minion Help me up Light Switch Power Duplex Outlet Wall Cover Plate Home decor

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More about this item

Minions Help me up Cover Plate

You can choices for:

Single Blank Cover plate
Single Toggle light switch plate
Double Toggle light switch plate
Triple Toggle light switch plate
4 Gang Toggle Cover plate
Single Rocker light switch plate
Double Rocker light switch plate
Triple Rocker light switch plate
4 Gang Rocker Cover plate
Power outlet Circle single

Power Outlet Duplex Single plate
Power Outlet Duplex Double plate
Toggle(L)-Rocker(R) wall plate
Rocker(L)-Toggle(R) wall plate
Toggle(L)-Outlet(R) wall plate
Outlet(L)-Toggle(R) wall plate
Rocker(L)-Outlet(R) wall plate
Outlet(L)-Rocker(R) wall plate
Blank(L)-Toggle(R) wall plate
Blank(L)-Rocker(R) wall plate
Blank(L)-Outlet(R) wall plate
Rocker(L)-Blank(R) wall plate
Toggle(L)-Blank(R) wall plate
Outlet(L)-Blank(R) wall plate
Phone Jack (RJ-11) single

Single Circle port plate

Single Keystone jack

2 Gang 

Keystone jack
3 Gang Keystone jack
Gang Keystone jack
Gang Keystone jack

Cover plate size:                                                              

Single cover plate 4.5" H x 2.75" W                                                          

Double gang cover plate 4.5" H x 4.5" W                                                               

Triple gang cover plate 4.5" H x 6.4" W                                                   

4 gang Rocker / Toggle cover plate 4.5" H x 8.25" W                                                         

** Any different size or different kinds of cover plate you need but not in my (More Choices) list, please contact me      

I do custom made for your own picture photo, please contact

Just $3 more to Add NAME or MESSAGE on your cover plate
6 different FONT and 14 different color you can choices

** After you order any size cover plate then add the item (ADD NAME/MESSAGE) to your Cart.
Then send me message or contact me for what you like to add on your cover plate**

Switch plates are created by hand using the art of decoupage.

All covers are coated to ensure better life expectancy & High Gloss.

All our Plate cover are UL Certified

They are washable with a damp towel or rag.

All screws are included (not colored).

Custom made in USA

Free shipping to all USA shipping address

Request a CUSTOM MADE and have something made just for you ?

How to order your Special Custom Made ( Just for you) cover plate ?

#1. Contact me on my page

#2. send me your photo / picture or your design

#3. I will send you image and price to your message

#4. You confirmed it           

#5. I will create new item on my store then send you your custom made item number

#6. you click in buy it now and pay it

#7. I custom made in 24 hours and ship it out